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The Fear of Success: What Do You Really Want? | Jayme K.


You want people to read your book. You want people to watch your movie. You want people to hear your music. But when it comes right down to it you’re not prepared to put forth the effort to obtain your goal.

That’s because you don’t want to be successful. You romanticize the idea of success. You think, ‘Well, it’d be really neat if someone read my book,’ but you do nothing to put it in front of their faces. You expect them to find it in the publish-on-demand dungeon of trite that is Amazon’s eBook section.

People want to be writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, the list goes on… These are all difficult careers to become successful at, but it is not impossible. You pitying your own work, or not thinking that you’re good enough, is not going to get you anywhere. It takes passion, a willingness to learn, a certain amount of brains, a lot of cleverness, and plenty of networking just to get noticed.

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